Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water System Alternatives

Of the various hot water systems, gas water heaters that have a water tank tend to be the most popular followed solar hot water systems followed by an electric water heater with tank, oe ven better a heat pump hot water system. Tanks help provide the user with the most amount of water at one time. One of the biggest drawbacks to the tank systems is the majority of the energy from the hot water systems is lost when the water stays sitting in the tank. Tankless heaters help to eliminate all of the loss by eliminating the use of a tank. Since they are unable to store hot water for later use, the amount of water you receive is significantly reduced. Consumers can choose hot water systems from name brands like Rinnai, Rheem, Bosch hot water systems and more.

Gas Water Heaters
Hot-Water-SystemsThese units are by far the most popular water heaters in the industry. Cold water enters into the tank through a pipe. The control box continually maintains the pilot light. Once the water temperature is below a certain temperature, the pilot will ignite the burner. As the burner heats the flue pipe, it will begin heating the water that is around the pipe. Once all of the water is hot, it goes into the structure to be stored for later use.

Electric Water Heaters
An electric hot water system employs the use of a current to heat the elements that are in the water tank. Cold water comes into the tank by a drip tube. The thermostat will turn the upper heating elements on to get the water hot. Once the water reaches a certain temperature, the upper thermostat will shut off and the lower one will turn on to maintain the temperature of the water.

Gas Tankless Water Heater
Whenever someone turns water on, the faucet will first withdraw a miniscule amount of water from your heater. The water withdrawn is then routed back to the heater. Thanks to an electronic sensor, it will signal the gas computer to heat all of the cold water coming through the system. The computer will activate the gas supply and ignite the burner, which heats the exchanger. Water travels through a line that coils around the exchanger, which heats all of the water that is inside the line. Hot water goes through a regulator before exiting the faucet.

Electric Tankless Heaters
Similar to that of the gas tankless heaters, the cold water is drawn from the heater and routed back through the heater. Sensors help relay information regarding the water to the main computer unit, which determines what temperature the water should be. The computer activates a series of elements to help warm the water. All of the elements are located on top of numerous tubes where the cold water makes its way through. The elements are able to heat all of the water running through the tubes before the water is send out of the heater and used.

Beyond the traditional heaters, the solar hot water heaters such as supplied by are used in a number of homes today. Everyone has their own preference on what is going to work the best for them, so you are the only one who can make the final choice on water systems for your home. Regardless of whether you are looking at tankless or tank water systems, Rinnai, Rheem and Bosch hot water systems are all amazing. When it comes to hot water Adelaide, you can have exactly what you need when you need it the most with one of these amazing systems in your home. Adelaide hot water systems, along with many others, can help make sure you are never without hot water in your home again.