electroluminescent display

EL fan

About14" H x 7"W in size .
Takes 4 AAA batteries.
Simple on/off flashing backlight or up to 5 segments animation.
The fans below are for information only and not for sale.
Please contact us for more information.
click the image above to see QuickTime movie.

New Electroluminescent (EL) Display Sheets/Tapes

We produce EL lighting sheets for custom orders, but we have several samples and sheet kits available to help you come up with your own ideas.

Custom Pattern Sheet
electroluminescent sheetYou can cut this EL sheet to any shape you like. It's great for pre-production testing. Hobyists often use it to illuminate small signs, lamps and light fixtures in models.
Click the EL sheet image to view how this can be made into a backlit photo frame.

The 2nd Generation EL Tape

electroluminescent tapeThis 2nd generation EL foil tape is so flexible and durable you can use it anywhere you want illuminated. For example, use it as a foot marker on stairs to improve safety when it's dark. EL tape can be used in many locations which are normally inaccessible or difficult for traditional lighting techniques. And it can be accomplished without expensive and time-consuming installation work.
Up to 130cm long.

EL Color Tape
EL color tapeIf you need longer electroluminescent tapes, our split-electro tape is the answer. Our standard tape is 25mm (1") wide with a 17mm wide light strip. They come in 10 meter, 30 meter and 50 meter lengths. We can make a tape up to 60cm wide.
Click the image for more information.

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